“In no particular order, I’m a biased for action leader, entrepreneur, father, ocean yacht racer, out-of-the-box strategist, island dweller, puppy lover, speaker of truth, and tech geek— But! I have weekends off and I am my own boss.”

* I think I may have stolen that last part from the movie Arthur.

I’m a business builder

Over the course of my career I’ve built innovative business models that drive remarkable consumer loyalty and profits. I create businesses that thrive on consumers’ deep emotional connection. A connection built through experiential brand engagements that add value to people’s lives.

I love the business building process and all the raw materials that feed it; the diverse talents of a strong team, the decisiveness of good strategy, the quality of a great product or service, hard work, and most of all- a shared dedication to the customer.

I’m looking to work with those who share the same passion and drive.

My thoughts on sustainably engaging consumers

I believe brands must approach and create consumer experiences and meaningful brand engagements as more than merely a marketing expense.

You’ve probably heard more traditional and less imaginative marketing experts and brand managers share adages like, “Experiences are the new building blocks of brand loyalty.” While true, these soundbites fail to answer the real question – How do we do it?

To be market leaders we must learn to materially change our thinking about our business model. Consumer experiences and brand engagements should be created specifically to diversify the business’s portfolio, creating wholly new streams of revenue and profit, not to satisfy a campaign. Only then can our strategy be both differentiated and defensible in a rapidly changing and noisy marketplace.

Why you care

Having taken major leaps in the universe of experiential consumer engagement, I’ve learned from many false starts, failures, and more than my fair share of successes. I have hard-won answers to the question- How do we do that?

I bring the knowledge and experience to accelerate your strategic progress, avoid downstream pitfalls, and build the infrastructure required to scale concepts quickly.

What I do for brands.

If you like, here’s a little about my jobs before I decided working for myself and you was a better way of life.

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