“Which of our brand metrics is most important?” they asked.

“Never forget, the true measure of your brand is how people feel about themselves, because they associate with you,” I answered, “It’s not about you.”

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Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

Canada’s largest outdoor equipment and experiences company. They are also one of the largest consumer Co-operatives in the world, one in eight Canadians is an MEC member.

When MEC was looking to expand their portfolio of experiential offerings they brought me in to advise on strategy and execution of a new travel company. I helped onboard the new travel management team and advised them on industry trends and consumer insights, go-to-market strategy, and ongoing operations.



Momentum Climbing

Momentum Climbing is a standout in the rapidly growing climbing gym sector. They pride themselves on being a true climber’s gym, not just someone out to capitalize on a trend.

I worked with the Momentum founders to integrate industry leading pro-shops into their gyms and develop new forms of consumer engagement outside the gym, as well as advising on business expansion.




Ruffwear is dedicated to building gear for outdoor athletes and their human companions. They believe products should perform and that performance is measured by the ability to enhance our outdoor adventures with our dogs. These guiding principles, along with a desire to push the boundaries and explore, are what fuel the company’s soul and drives them to create the best dog gear possible.

I led strategic ideation and planning for new experiential consumer engagements designed to extend the business portfolio and strengthen customer loyalty.


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The Outbound Collective

Adventure truly starts at The Outbound Collective- making the outdoors more accessible to everyone. Their goal is to spread the excitement of travel and adventure, whether just down the street or across the globe, by inspiring people to discover, explore, and share their favorite activities and local playgrounds.

I serve as an executive advisor to the founders and leadership.


as well as projects I’m not allowed to talk about yet…

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