“What is it about the gig you love so much?” asked a former colleague.

“Working with so many incredible brands and clients just makes me better at what I do,” I proudly said.


Snow Peak

Snow Peak is Japan’s leading outdoor company, built on decades of product and service innovation, all furthering the goal of restoring humanity through play in nature- or Noasobi.

In partnership with Elemental, developed Snow Peak’s U.S. brand and market expansion strategy. I recruited new North America leadership. I’m now working with that team to operationalize the U.S. strategy across all their various business functions and channels, as well as working on exciting new initiatives to strengthen their customer loyalty and build new streams of revenue. More to come as new things launch.



Moment Travel

Moment redefined the mobile photography market, starting with remarkable lenes to extend the functionality of your camera phone and now supporting the entire lifestyle of the mobile creative.

I worked with Moment to launch their new travel company dedicated to the mobile creative’s needs. I worked on strategy creation, helped hire and on-board the management team, develop go-to-market plans, and built out required operational infrastructure.

This is not your parent’s travel company.




At their heart, and especially after the acquisition of Atena, CVS wants to create healthier communities. They put integrity first by no longer selling tobacco products, walking away from significant revenue and profit. They are rethinking the pharmacy business model.

I’m working with CVS, along with CSM/LeadDog, to create a Center of Excellence for Experiential Consumer Engagement that supports all their diverse business units. We are developing strategies and experiential executions to integrate healthy lifestyles into local communities, solving real peoples’ problems, all the while building long-term bonds to the CVS brand.


How about a few more…